Photo Contest

What Is A “Community Sports” Image?

Great question! We have some inspirations to help you capture these memorable snaps. Images of community building through sports can be either as they occurred (documentary) or as they are devised of (or recreated) to exemplify concepts or activities.

Fostering Friendships

Sports is an excellent way to bring people closer together. In social sports, it’s all about camaraderie, not competition. Participants are looking for a social experience and creating a personal connection with other people.


Social Integration

Sports play a vital role in building community links and reinforce social cohesion. These exchanges strengthen inclusions.


Food as Fuel

Eat great and participate. Whether is that quick stopover for supper after a late night futsal or that in-depth discussion on an endurance athlete's’ diet and nutrition - what better way to bond over a meal and a cuppa.


What, Photo Storytelling?

Yes, if you love telling stories through images, then this is the right platform for you. Photo Storytelling will place you in the heart of campus sports happenings. Put on your investigative hat and be a “kaypoh” (Hokkien for busybody).

To get started, check out NUSync Calendar of Events to find the various sports activities happening around campus.