Letter to Exchange Students


Dear Exchange Students,

Congratulations on your successful admission to Eusoff Hall for the academic year 2016/17!

You have made the right choice as Eusoff Hall is more than just a place to stay on campus.  It is your home away from home as you join a community of students from diverse backgrounds. Living at Eusoff Hall helps get you ready for life as the hall offers an inclusive, educationally stimulating and purposeful environment with abundant academic/instructive, co-curricular and networking opportunities for you to explore, learn, grow and become responsible for yourselves.

There are many activities – social, educational, sporting and cultural – which are organised by the Hall throughout the year.  You will find support as well as academic/life mentorship from our seniors, Resident Fellows and management staff. You are strongly encouraged to participate actively in all activities and to use the opportunities offered to discover your passion and develop your potential during your stay in Eusoff Hall.  I am confident that your hall experience will contribute to a memorable university experience for you.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight an academic initiative which will benefit freshmen as well as useful information on financial aid, hall registration and rules, and the Orientation program which are explicated below:


Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Groups 
There is a new initiative specially organized to benefit freshmen at Eusoff. PAL will be organized along faculty lines so that you can better prepare and cope with your introductory modules. PAL groups will be facilitated by academically gifted senior Student Facilitators (SFs) who have undergone training in facilitating group discussions.

I strongly encourage you to make a point to join PAL groups which will be conducted 4 times each semester. You will get to study with other residents from your faculty and benefit from past experiences and wisdom of SFs who have read the modules not to mention having access to past year notes and exam questions.  You will also get tips on how good presentation and writing skills, how to manage your S/U options, SEP advice, how to manage a good balance between academic, hall and social life, and many other pertinent advice for your new university life.

The hall will be calling for participation very soon, so look out for it!

Eusoff Financial Aid
Eusoff Hall is committed to providing a quality education and experiential learning to all Eusoffians and to ensuring that no deserving student is denied residence at the Hall because of financial difficulty.  Needy students can apply for financial aid.  Eusoff Hall offers two types of financial aids – Eusoff Bursary and Eusoff-Ngee Ann Kongsi Student Financial Assistant. 


Freshmen Registration and Matriculation
Please be informed that the Registration and Matriculation Day for Freshmen is on Sunday, 17 July 2016 between 9 am and 1 pm. Please ensure that you fill up the form at the following link to proceed with registration for the Hall Office. https://mysurvey.nus.edu.sg/EFM/se/56663132537FF8C6 

Kindly refer to the “Important Notes” and other instructions in the attached documents for information on Hall Admission.  You are requested to check in personally. 

We would like to make it compulsory for you to check in on 17th July 2016 as the Hall has lined up the following programmes for you.

Lunch and Introductory Speech by Hall Master (Parents are invited to join the Lunch)
Campus Security Talk
Financial Aid Talk

If you wish to check in before 17th July 2016, please contact the Hall Office at eshjbhk@nus.edu.sg to make the necessary arrangement. 

Hall Rules
Hall Living comes with a set of housing rules which you will have to read and acknowledge compliance prior to your acceptance of the hall. The Hall’s Housing Rules are in line with university housing rules and are there to ensure a conducive, safe and peaceful living condition for the benefit of the common good at the hall. Please ensure that you carefully read through all of the Hall’s Housing Rules as breaches of hall rules are regulated by a demerit point system which carries penalties that can result in the termination of your hall residence.


Eusoff Orientation
Once you have checked in, you are encouraged to take part in our Eusoff Hall Orientation activities which have been planned for you from 18nd July to 21st July 2016.  The main objective of the Orientation is to welcome you and to help you make friends and settle into your new environment and adapt to University life.  Our Eusoff Hall Orientation Committee has worked hard during the vacation to plan and prepare an interesting and exciting programme for all of you.  Do turn up and join as many events as you can and start getting involved so as to make the most of your stay at Eusoff!  The Orientation programme also gives you a good opportunity to become acquainted with your fellow residents and Hall Management with whom you will work and live closely during your stay in the Hall.


I look forward to welcoming you personally to Eusoff Hall in July.  

Yours sincerely
A/Prof Goh Beng Lan
Master, Eusoff Hall 




Updated: July 20, 2016

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