Student Groups

The NUS Campus is known for its many student activities and vibrancy. Currently, there are more than 200 student organisations that organise or conduct about 800 large and small events every year. Apart from promoting campus vibrancy, the various student organisations allow students to pursue their interests in co-curricular activities; provide opportunities to hone their leadership skills and contribute to all-round development beyond their studies.

NUSSU & Clubs

National University of Singapore Students Union (NUSSU) and Constituent Bodies

The NUSSU Council comprises elected full-time undergraduate students who are either members in the NUSSU Executive Committee (EXCO), or students holding leadership appointments in the management committees of the 15 NUSSU Constituent Clubs.


There are currently 41 NUS Student organizations registered with the Singapore Registrar of Societies (ROS), under the Ministry of Home Affairs. They are grouped under Academic Societies and Non-Academic Societies.

Interest Groups

Whether it’s a spark of interest you want to explore, or a burning passion to develop further, there are various interest groups in NUS for you to choose from. There are currently 48 Interest Groups divided into Academic and Non-Academic Groups.

Academic Interest Groups
Faculty of Arts and Social Science
  • Global Studies Club
  • NUS Linguistics
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Law
  • Environmental Law Students Association (ELSA)
Faculty of Science
  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies
  • Computer Base Learning Centre (CBLC)
  • Statistics
Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy
  • Asian Journal of Public Affairs
  • Association for Public Affairs
  • Bridging Gap (Gender and Policy)
  • Cross-Learn
  • Disaster Risk and Resilience-Climate Change (DRR-CC@LKYSPP) 
  • Education Lab
  • FinFolks
  • Policy Frontiers
  • Project Persiflage
  • Social Impact and Community Empowerment
  • The Grey Area
  • The Helping Hands
School of Business
  • Business Analytics Group
  • Case Consulting Group
  • NUS CFA Students’ Interest Group
School of Computing
  • NUS BiZiT
  • NUS GreyHats

Sports Groups

Sports provide unique learning experiences for our students that are beyond the boundaries of the classrooms. Through the participation in sports, both on a competitive and recreation level, we hope for students to develop greater confidence, teamwork and critical thinking essential in both personal and academic development.

Community Engagement Network

The Community Enagement Network (CEN) Network was set up to promote awareness and understanding of the various faiths and cultures within the NUS student community.

Outdoor Education Network

The Outdoor Education Network was set up to promote awareness and support adventure and outdoor activities within the NUS student community.

Residential Life Groups

Residential Life Groups help to improve the quality of on-campus living and learning through a variety of programmes dedicated to the personal and academic development of residents.